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      Supporting applications that exceed ISO-8601 and are compliant with ISO-3166
      Supporting:  Construction, Finance, Insurance, Legal, Logistics, Manufacturing, Medical,  
           Military, Navigation, Packaging, Telecom, Transportation, Scientific...
      With cross-platform tools that enhance Chronometric Tracking, Storage, Security & Synchronization.
      Runtime-OS, networks, the cloud, events, messages, archival, item counting, labeling, packaging, db-records, shipping and receiving.
      Millisecond format supports unique labeling of 50,000+ items per minute   |  eVEnt GPS hardware supports logging in microseconds.
      Combinations of Segments, Ancillary Text Field Data and Auto-generation may be defined, named, called and modified.

    evectory: p o r t a l s   
    ARK~2015 :  STEWARD Asset Management 
      iverifiedBase  &  o'SESAME~FileRoomCLERK  
                       * Information Resource Management:    Contacts, eVEnts & Marketing 
                             * Information Transport Systems:    GIS, Infrastructure, Inventory, Labeling & Logging
                                             * Non-Structured Data:    Storage, Files, Documents, Drawings, Photos, Video...